Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Monster Online European Employment Index

The May 2007 index can be found here, and the homepage is here.

RTT news have this summary of the months data:

Europe Monster Employment Index Rises In June

7/10/2007 1:56:03 AM The extended Monster employment index for Europe, which covers 24 of the 27 EU nations, rose 19% annually to 145 in June, the Monster Worldwide and Monster Europe said Tuesday. The gauge rose on the back of higher online worker demand in France and the U.K.

The monthly index gives clear understanding of worker demand and online hiring activity across the European Union. The index, which was launched in June 2005 earlier provided only employment trends across five key European countries. The index now measures online employment trends across the European Union. The Index excludes Malta and Bulgaria and Romania, which joined the EU in 2007.

The sectors that recorded greatest demand were hospitality and tourism, production, manufacturing, maintenance and repairs. The report noted that white-collar occupational categories posted largest rate of growth. Meanwhile, the telecom sector revealed the biggest fall in hiring activity.

Hospitality and tourism sector showed sharp increase in Greece, Cyprus and Slovenia, while hiring activity dropped in the Baltic region, consisting of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

Alan Townsend, COO Monster UK & Ireland said, "The Index has risen steadily over the last five months, bringing the overall level of Index up to a new high. With many regions around Europe continuing to report a strong performance in the hospitality and tourism sector, the summer season seems to be in full swing. Germany in particular, has shown particularly high levels of online job demand over the last few months, with heavy industries like production and manufacturing showing strong growth."

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